Residential Security Camera System

When it comes to having security monitoring installed at your home it is important to use a professional you can trust. Keeping your home safe in Warrnambool with a residential security camera system is an important way to protect the investment you made in your home. While many big-box and online stores offer low-cost options for security cameras, leaving the security of your home to a DIY system can be risky. Coopers Electrical is your local Warrnambool security expert offering friendly a reliable service. 

You get what you pay for

When it comes to your home security camera system you get what you pay for. The box of 8 cameras offered on Amazon for $200 might seem like a safe bet, but the truth is that these systems can’t compare to a professionally installed and maintained system. 

The amount of your investment directly correlates to the quality of your security camera system. When it comes to your home security system, you get what you pay for. Our residential security camera system starts at $1500 installed. While that may seem like a bit of a jump from your standard home security box set, you can rest assured knowing that the extra cost is well worth the investment. 

Our top of the line surveillance camera systems delivers the best security option for you and your family. Coopers Electrical works with you and will recommend the best option for your home security needs. Additionally, we inspect and test every camera before installation to ensure that all of your cameras function properly.

Residential Security Camera System Warrnambool

We troubleshoot for you

When you buy a security camera system from Amazon or a big box store, you’re responsible for the installation. What if one of your cameras doesn’t work? Can the installation go wrong? What if you need additional assistance or support after installation? Also, who owns the footage that your cameras capture? Who stores it and where?

When you choose to work with Coopers Electrical, we test and install your system making sure that it works perfectly from day one. If you ever do run into a problem with your security camera system, we also offer ongoing support and maintenance to help you sleep better at night. 

Options for every home

The state of the art Dahua and TVT systems we use and recommend are the ideal solution for home surveillance. Offering high-resolution IP cameras, these cameras offer the features you need to keep your home and family safe. 

Our comprehensive residential security camera systems are completely customizable to meet your needs. From traditional security cameras anywhere to outdoor PTZ cameras our systems can be designed to meet the needs of your property, no matter how large or small.

Local service you can depend on

Based in Warrnambool, Victoria we proudly offer residential installation for our clients all along the Southwest Coast. Our commitment to keeping your home and family safe is unmatched. Our commitment and promise to you are to always exceed your expectations for customer service and professionalism. When you need a partner you can trust, look no further than Coopers Electrical and Air Conditioning. To find out how easy it is to keep your home secure, get in contact today.

Residential Security Camera System Warrnambool