Camera Systems (CCTV)

Security Camera Installation In Geelong

One of the best ways to provide security and safety for you home or business is by installing a camera monitoring system. Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) is a system where carefully placed cameras send recorded footage they capture to monitors or a surveillance system through a ‘closed-circuit’, which means it isn’t broadcast or transmitted.

When it comes to captured footage, a quality image/video is essential. At Cooper’s Electrical we use and recommend the Dahua brand systems with no less than a 6mp – 8mp camera.

What System Should I Buy?

The beauty of these systems is that they are fully customizable to meet a huge variety of applications and are very user friendly. It is easy to add extra cameras to your system, or upgrade the storage space to capture longer lasting footage.

When choosing a CCTV system that will best suit your needs, the experienced team at Coopers Electrical will be there every step of the way and will take out all the guess work offering trade knowledge and advise.

With remote viewing available, it is as simple as downloading an app on you smart phone or tablet to view cameras and captured footage from anywhere in the world!

As an example a kit might include:

  • 4 x 6 megapixel Dahua Full HD IP network IR dome camera (with inbuilt mic) or bullet camera with up to 50m I/R (weatherproof and does night vision)
  • 1 x 4 Channel Dahua UHD NVR with 1080P live preview display, 4 port POE switch
  • 1 x 2TB WD Surveillance hard disk drive
  • 1 x 21.5′ HDMI LED monitor

Key Benefits Of Having CCTV

Cost Effective High Quality Footage

CCTV systems have come a long way in providing board and crystal clear vision with modern systems being capable of recording and playing back in full HD (high definition). CCTV System installation by an experienced installer is a cost effective way to provide you with peace of mind and safety to your home and family and when looking at the advantages is well worth the cost.

Deterrent and Crime Prevention

Vandals and criminals are dissuaded from breaking into your home and stealing from you as soon as they notice cameras around the property. Criminals like the easy option and will target properties that are not protected by CCTV.

Remote Monitoring

Another fantastic benefit of CCTV is that modern systems allow remote monitoring on a computer, tablet or mobile phone via a secure connection over the internet. You can login remotely from anywhere in the world and check your CCTV cameras for activity. You are also able to set motion activated notifications to be sent to your phone whenever motion is detected. This is a great way to check up on your property or even pets!

Reduced Insurance Premium

Insurance companies will often reduce your premium if you have CCTV installed. It’s worth calling your insurer to find out if you can have a discount on your premium and save money.

Peace of Mind

Feel safe, feel secure and feel good! Knowing that you have a CCTV system installed by professional goes quite some way to putting your mind at rest about the safety of your family and home. This is one of the greatest benefits of CCTV.