Solar Panel Cleaning and System Maintenance

Get The Most Out Of Your Solar

Not only do dirty solar panels look displeasing to the eye, it can also lower the power production efficiency of your system by up to 30%

​Having your panels cleaned and your system checked over regularly by a qualified electrician can not only improve the systems efficiency and power output, but is also a good way to make sure the system is still in safe working order.

​Issues such as water in isolators, water inside the inverter and the system failing due to an inverter fault are all common issues that if left unattended can cause series fire risks as well as your system not producing its optimal power.

​How often you need to clean your solar panels widely depends on their location. Being close to the sea (causes salt build up), near dusty roads or bushland results in panels needing to be cleaned more frequently. It is recommended solar panels are cleaned every three – six months.

Bird droppings on panels


Water inside DC isolator


Water inside inverter


What a difference a clean can make