Solar Maintenance In Warrnambool

With lowering installation costs and growing technology, we see solar panels appearing on more and more Victorian Roofs. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics one in five Australian homes now uses solar energy for electricity and hot water. Like all things used daily you will get the most out of your solar system if it’s kept maintained. It is easy to install and forget, but calling in a professional to check your solar panels can save you money and increase the efficiency of your system. Here’s why solar maintenance in Warrnambool is so important.

Increase Solar System Efficiency

Solar systems cut down your energy costs and can boost the value of your home. However, your energy system can decrease in efficiency by as much as 20 percent over time if your solar panels aren’t regularly cleaned. Living close to the ocean in places such as Warrnambool, Port Fairy and Peterborough we get plenty of salt in the air. This makes solar maintenance in Warrnambool especially important. The  salt in the air settles on the solar panels and causes the system efficiency to decrease as well as system parts to corrode and fail. If left uncleaned the acids in bird and bat droppings can leave a damaging effect on solar panels. Dirt and salt buildup makes it difficult for your solar panels to absorb sunlight. This causes your systems efficiency to drop. Cleaning your system annually can increase its efficiency by as much as 21 percent and maximize returns on your investment.

Dirty solar panels

Common Solar System Problems in Warrnambool

In most solar fault cases the problem is unknown until it is too late and the damage is done. Some of the most common solar panel problems include no power and low voltage issues. During a solar maintenance check, a trained solar electrician will assess your panels for performance. Checking isolators for moisture, all connections are tight and for inverter faults are all routine maintenance checks. Having a trained electrician perform maintenance checks on your system can lead to preventing a problem before it occurs. Fixing a problem early can save you money on repair costs and also avoid potential disasters.